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Policy for the Role of the Chair  

This policy is written in conjunction with the Local Government Act  (RSBC) 2015 Part 17 Division3, The Improvement District Trustee Handbook and the Gabriola Fire Protection District Bylaw 97.

The role of the Trustee is to contribute to the Board as it carries out its mandate in order to achieve its vision, core purpose and goals.

The Board believes that its ability to discharge its obligation is enhanced when leadership and guidance if forthcoming from its membership.

The Board delegates to the Chair, the following powers and duties;

1.   Preside over all Board meetings and ensure that the meetingsw are conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act, the Improvement District Trustee Handbook and the Bylaws of the Gabriola Fire Protection District, and, where those are silent, Robert's Rules of Order.

2.    Prior to each meeting, the chair will prepare items , receive items and consult with other Trustees, the Fire Chief, the Corporate Officer and any other appropriate person to develop a meeting agenda.

3.   Perform the following duties during Board meetings;


  • Maintain order and proper conduct and decorum of the meetings so that motions may be formally debated.


  • ​   Ensure that the debate is relevant. The Chair, in keeping with their responsibility to ensure that the debate must be relevant to the questions, shall, when they are of the opinion that the discussion is not relevant to the question, remind members that they must speak to the question.



4.    Keep informed of significant developments with the District.

5.   Keep the Board fully informed, in a timely manner, of all matters coming to their attention which might affect the Board.​

6.  Be in regular contact with the Fire Chief to maintain a working knowledge of current issues and events.

7.   Bring to the Board all matters requiring a Board decision.


8.   Act as the Chief Spokesperson for the Board, except in those instances where the Board has delegated this role to another individual or group.


9.  Act as an ex-officio (non voting) member of all committees appointed by the Board.


10.  Act as the primary conduit, passing onto the Corporate Officer, all Trustee questions / concerns.


11.  Address inappropriate behaviour on the part of a Trustee.


12.  Ensure that the new Trustees are provided with their information package as per the Gabriola Fire Protection  Improvement  District Orientation Policy.

13.  Ensure that the Board engages in Regular assessments of its effectiveness as a Board.


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