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Agenda  for  next  Meeting

Meeting  Schedule

Trustees generally meet on the first Wednesday of the month, at the Albert Reed Memorial Fire Hall, at 730 Church Street. Meetings are open to the public , so you are welcome to attend.

Hard copies of the meeting minutes can now be found in a Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department Board of Trustees  folder, to be found in the Reference Section of the Gabriola Library.

The  Minutes of the previous meeting are approved at the beginning of the next scheduled Board meeting.

We politely request that

a) the folder remain within the library for all members of the public to access.

b) that copies of the minutes are not removed from the Library folder and taken away.

It would be appreciated if persons wishing to attend the Board meetings would please call ahead of time to register, so that space is available. Thank you.


Gabriola Fire Protection District

The next meeting will be held on

February 7th. 2024 at 4:00 pm

 at the  Albert Reed Memorial Hall #  -  730 Church Street.

Gabriola Fire Protection District  Agenda - February 07, 2024 


  • December 06, 2023  - draft

  • December 20, 2023  - draft


Financial Report:  N/A

Committee Reports:

  • Communications Committee: 

     *  Communications  Officer​

  • Planning Committee: 

  • Finance Committee: 

  • Business E-Mail Committee: 

  • Internal Trustee email Use Policy  -  draft

  •       Election Committee

             * Election Policy - draft​


Guest Speaker:  

Fire Chief Report

Old Business:  

  •  Privacy Act Requests


New  Business:

  • AGM  date 

Late Items:

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