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E-Mail Use and Guide  

This policy is intended to cultivate and develop a healthy and functional working environment for the Trustees and Firehall employees. Emails regarding Trustees business should be limited to critical and/or time sensitive situations, including (but not limited to) passing a motion for financial needs, notices, agenda items, the need to call a special meeting and simple special requests. Every effort should be made to avoid late evening and/or weekend emails requiring a response. All request for information and correspondence should be directed through the Chair.


This policy is further designed to establish acceptable and appropriate use of computer and information systems (i.e. email) by the Trustees in accordance with government directions under The Privacy Act, FOIPPA, Information Management Act (IMA) and Appropriate Use Policy.


This network and email policy is to be used for the purposes of conducting Fire Trustee business.

  1.  All emails must be compliant with the Improvement District's policies on ethical conduct and security of business data.

  2. All emails must be compliant with the direction of this policy.

  3. The emails shall not be used for creating, distributing or accessing any offensive or illegal material, including, but not limited to material with offensive comments about gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or defamatory statements in any way or manner.

  4. Any offensive material received by email must be reported to the Chair and Corporate Officer without undue delay.

  5. Use of the Firehall email address shall be used for all Firehall related materil.

  6. Personal email use, for Firehall use, should be limited to a minimum and incidental use, with a copy sent to the Firehall email address as soon as possible.

  7. Fire Trustees must follow applicable legislation, policies and standards for managing information in the course of their work and ne guided by the Appropriate Use Policy (Of not is section 1.16, restricting the use of emails to transmit confidential information).

  8. Fre Trustees email use must comply with FOIPPA, The BC Privacy Act, Information Management Act and the Appropriate Use Act.\, such as;

  • Use of personal email only for brief, extenuating circumstances.

  • Send a copy to the Trustees email, if created, or to Gabfire, and make a  note that a copy was sent and why the work was being done.

  • Delete from personal email and Trash, after forwarding and send note to government email to confirm action and that NO copies have been made.

  • Keep emails simple and to a single subject, requiring quick answers rather than long discussions.

  • Keep it simple. Complex threads may split into separate conversations, losing information. The system may delete intermediary emails that are older than the final email in the collection.

  • Limit the amounrt of confidential information distributed via email. Avoid emails to send confidential, sensitive, protected or secret information unless absolutely necessary. 

9. The Fire Trustees must follow the government data retention and deletion timeline for guidance in proper procedures and protocols in data management, for both the Trustees and the Firehall.


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