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Orientation Policy for New Board Members  (draft)

When a person is elected to the Board of Trustees, the following shall occur;

They shall receive an information package containing:

a. All current, valid Bylaws.

b. A copy of the Letters Patent

c. The current website address for the  Trustee Handbook  and the Gabriola Fire Protection Improvement District Handbook.

d. The current website address for the Local Government Act.

Copies of all current GFPID policies.

The Chair shall provide nominations for a board member to liase with the GVFD to arrange tours of the Fire Halls for each new tTrustee. If possible, this should be arranged within 30 days of being elected.

Each new Trustee will supply the Corporate Officer with avalid email address, street address and telephone number.

Within 30 days of election, each new trustee will supply to the current Webmaster, a resume suitable for posting to the website

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